Affiliate Summit Europe 2019

Affiliate Ball

If you need targeted B2B exposure during the Summit, the Affiliate Ball is the ideal option. Sponsors of all levels get seen by just about everyone at the show and have reach to over 30,000 past guests. Why not entertain your clients and prospects by utilizing a party featuring Ludacris performing? You’ve seen TV shows like Silicon Valley copy parties like ours by having the biggest artists in music performing at their private parties. We’re the real deal and you have a chance to be the star. Get your slice of the pie at our party and hit us up now before we sell out of sponsorships and tables. Just reply back to this email and I’ll give you the best deal we can do.

In the meantime, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet you can do so now at? But this is the most exclusive party yet so only sponsors and those with tables are guaranteed to get in to see Ludacris! Be sure to check out our new?promo video?for this party too.